The Electric Lantern Festival has partnered with writers and authors in Tunbridge Wells to create a never-before-attempted literary experience. With “legacy” being the watchword of the summer of 2012, ELF stepped out of the usual schedule to create a project that can be enjoyed and explored beyond the Festival week. To see all the Wells Read AudiToury stories, click here.

AudiToury RecordingWorking with the Tunbridge Wells Writers, ELF has created Wells Read, a project which bridges the gap between author, location and listener in an original experience. Over the coming weeks, we will be uploading MP3 tracks of local writers and authors reading short stories and discussions about, set at, or inspired by Tunbridge Wells locations where the author themselves recorded the piece. You can then download these MP3s to your preferred device and follow the map to the location, and listen to the author reading to you there.

For those you who prefer the written word, the shorts can also be printed off and enjoyed in analogue form.

With any luck, ELF and the Tunbridge Wells Writers will send you on a tour of the town to locations unknown and unseen to some of you, and show most of you a side to the town we do not often consider.

(Photo: Samuel Marlow records “A History of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park” with Carolyn Gray, August 2012. Courtesy of Dave Barnett.)

See all the Wells Read AudiToury stories here…