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Queen Herod Will Find You - Music video

Queen Herod Will Find You

UK Premiere

11:00 Sat 7th Sept 2013 in the Theatre Screen
Music Video | Ireland | 2012 | 5mins

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This music video tells the story of Queen Herod, a giant, murderous witch who lives in an isolated castle in the forest. Part psychotic evil queen, part Pied Piper, she gathers the children from their homes and eats them. But does she eat them because she's lonely, or is she lonely because she eats them?

The idea was to mix live action, stop­motion animation and papercut silhouette imagery to create the haunting world which Queen Herod inhabits. Through this lens, Pereira examines what it means to be a woman. To be ultimately feminine, must you be maternal? Also, in a society where a woman’s value is tied so strongly to image and beauty, what does it mean to look truly terrifyingly ugly?

Queen Herod is the musical conception of Holly Pereira, an artist and musician living in Dublin, Ireland. The video was shot in Pereira’s studio in Dublin.



Country: Ireland


Producer, director, cameras, editor, animator: Holly Pereira
Written by Holly Pereira
Co­produced by Holly Pereira and Rian Trench
Recorded and mixed by Rian Trench
Mastered by Richard Dowling