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The Electric Lantern Festival was founded in 2010, building on the success of the Lantern Film Festival it grew out of.

The Festival specialises in film and video, both short and feature length, as well as music videos and animation, with the aim to bring new and unusual work to the West Kent area and to provide a platform for emerging talent to show their work to the public in a great setting.

Electric Lantern's schedule is an eclectic mix of programmed and submitted work. Many of these movies have a connection to West Kent and the Southeast, being either recorded here, or featuring talent in front of and behind the camera from the area. For example, in 2011 we screened Debs Gardner-Paterson's Africa United (shot in Africa) and Brenda Blethyn in Jan Dunn's The Calling.

Sam at Festival Sam introducing the Festival

The Festival was founded by Samuel Marlow to follow up on the event he ran with Anthony Jarman between 2007 and 2010. Both were frustrated by the lack of a dedicated film scene in their area, and decided to do something about it.

During this time, the festivals have screened a number of high-profile films, including the world-premiere of Red Sands which went on to win Best Short Documentary at the Raindance Film Festival later that year, and Dummy featuring Nowhere Boy and Anna Karenina's Aaron Johnson in his first leading role.

In 2012, the Electric Lantern Festival worked with the Tunbridge Wells Writers to create AudiToury, a unique project bringing writers together with their audience in site-specific narratives. Continuing the theme of "legacy" that was so important to the summer of 2012, they are still available at

Sam trained at K College in Tonbridge before returning there to teach Video Production at National Diploma level. Though the Festival became Sam's focus for several years, he also works as a screenwriter and producer, and has run a number of movie-making workshops in his hometown of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.